Sunday, August 26, 2007

Attempts at discretion... and do you see it?

Do you see it? Do you see that faint line? Okay, first off, don't get your hopes up! It is just an ovulation predictor kit! But for me it is a very good sign that that faint line exists! It means that my body is returning to normal and I actually have a shot at getting pregnant this month. I still have this overwhelming feeling that after my 2 week wait I am going to get some happy news! I think the Lord is sending me signs! Okay, some or most of you probably think I am a loon right now, but I hate to chalk things up to coincidence!

Here is how it all started- Roman came down with a cold on Friday and didn't sleep well yet again last night, so we decided to sleep in and skip church. Well, when we got up I started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to test for ovulation since I have been keeping track of my other signs and my temperatures have been rather unclear. I figured that if I tested right in the morning it would be perfect since I hadn't peed yet! One problem though, I didn't have any testers! So I convinced Jer to hop in the car with Roman and me to buzz to the nearest store with a self check out (hence the idea that I wouldn't have to actually discuss my purchase with anyone or present it to some young high school boy to have him ring me up!). Well, as murphy's law would have it, I couldn't find the testers in the aisle I figured they would be, so I ended up having to ask where they were! Ugh- just what I was trying to avoid! Then, when I finally do get them and am checking out, the little magnetic strip didn't demagnetize and sent sirens flaring when I tried to leave! Go figure! The woman who checked my purchase then of course had to start asking all sorts of questions about whether or not I was pregnant and if I really wanted to be, to which I had to give as simple an answer as I could about how they were ovulation testers not pregnancy tests... blah, blah, blah! So my attempt at being discreet ended up involving two grocery store clerks and a siren! Oh well! I digress!

So we got home and Jer made some brunch while I went and finally took the opportunity to relieve myself (after all that mix-up at the store it was a long time coming!). Three minutes later that faint line was unmistakable! So, it is nothing to do cartwheels over, but at least it shows that we have our timing right!

What about the Lord and signs, you ask though? Well, I am getting there! During our brunch we decided to sit down and watch Jon Courson's message from last week, August 19, online since we had missed church. Well, during the message Jon started getting all into the meaning of a name of a particular person in the Bible who was given a name change by the Lord. The name that the Lord gave the man is the name that we have been seriously considering for our next boy. Lately I have been wondering what the actual meaning of the name is, and there Jon was giving insight and definition of this name! So now, not only do I think I am going to get pregnant this month but I think it is going to be a boy! Haha! I know- I will probably be totally off! Just watch, I will get pregnant in like November with a girl! Oh well! But wouldn't it be cool if all of this did happen?! Well, I can live in my happy little place of hope and contentment for now, and see what the Lord brings along in two weeks!


Allie said...

Love the new header!

And I do see the line! I used OPKs when we were TTC my second son. With the ones I used, the test line had to be as dark or darker than the control line in order to be considered positive. I think I used 30 of those things willing it to go darker, lol! It finally did and then stayed positive for five days. Talk about suspense! That's the cycle that worked though, so it was worth it :)

I will make a post later about my tattoos for ya. I only have two right now, but have plans for several more. Like everyone says, they are addicting!

HotMama said...

Good luck - Have you tried it worked for me. Great ovulation calendars and tips for when to try for either a girl or boy, etc. -Just found your site while browsing and looking for other Nora Jones fans (or something like that.)

Qtpies7 said...

I found your sight by searching for cloth diapers and loved how much we had in common in our interests! I have a large family and I cloth diaper. I want to learn to knit so badly, I am hoping my mother in law will teach me since she just moved to our town and will be around more.

I have a cloth diaper give-away on my blog, its for laundry detergent for cloth diapers!

Kris said...

Isn't it amazing how hyped up we get over two little pink lines? Kinda silly when you really think about it, but hey, those two pink lines carry such potential with them--even if they're only on an OPK!

Hoping you'll see two MORE pink lines in a few weeks...maybe I can join ya!