Wednesday, August 8, 2007

An intersting Blog- good reminder

I was just reading this pretty cool blog that I found on 5 Minutes for Mom- Cheaper by the Half Dozen. This mama points out something very important- so many kids are not getting the attention they need when it come to schooling. I think that a lot of parents checkout when it comes to what their kids are doing during the day at school- they figure that teachers are taking care of all educational concerns, when many times that is just not the case. Teachers have a lot of students to think about and it is not hard for a few to slip between the cracks. C.R. Morris at Cheaper by the Half Dozen notes that parents are the ones ultimately responsible for their children's educations. So, whether you need to hire a tutor or homeschool your munchkins yourself, be sure you are active in your kids education this year- your kid's future is depending on it! Way to go Mama (C.R. Morris) for bringing this to light!

Personally speaking, I know that Roman is still quite young, but his learning is constantly in the back of my mind. In fact, I started reading books about homeschooling when I was still pregnant! I hope to get his education off to a fun start this fall by enrolling him in some music classes and possibly a co-op!

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