Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Socks" "Sit" "Doggy"!!!

It's official- Roman has been uttering REAL words all week and it all started with a pair of socks! It is the middle of summer so I rarely put socks on him, but the other day I thought it was a little chilly around the house so I took him in the bedroom and said, "Let's get you some socks!" Then he said, "Socks!" Plain as day! I was shocked! He said it another 10 times over the hour, so of course we had to call daddy, Nanna Bubbe (my mom) and Grammy (Jer's mom) to let them hear this wonderful milestone!

Later that evening Jer and I told him to sit down in his high chair and he said, "Sit!" Then, the next morning when we got up, he was sitting in front of me and he noticed that the boxers I had worn to bed had Dalmations on them! He got so excited and started saying, "Doggy! Doggy!" We are also hearing a lot more of "Mama" and "Dada", which he has been saying for a while but mostly when he is mad!

Now, some of these amazing utterances may not necessarily by decipherable to the untrained ear, but as a mama they are perfect English! In fact, I have noticed that as my ears become more atuned to his unique little sounds I am able to understand other little youngsters better too! Wow, being a mother is incredible! You just can't get these little joys any other way! How blessed I am!

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