Monday, August 13, 2007

My Crazy Dream!!

Okay- I had the craziest dream last night! In the dream (not in real life at all- but we are trying!) I was pregnant. Very pregnant! In fact, I was in labor! So, I headed for the hospital but Jer was nowhere to be found! So, I get all check in and settled and this doctor comes in who I have never met before and says to me, "So a girl, huh?" And then I see all this pink writing on the chart! I am like, "A girl?! But we weren't finding out and I totally was expecting a boy!" Then the doctor gets all flustered because she realizes that she wasn't supposed to tell me and tries to cover up by saying, "Well, maybe its a girl! We will find out soon, huh?"

Then I realize that I didn't bring (or possibly even make) a birth plan for this labor! This of course causes me to start freaking out and in between contractions I am trying to explain my plans for the birth, which I feel is critical because I know how doctors can be and I am all about natural birth! So she finds a copy of my last birth plan in my chart and things calm down but Jer is still MIA! All of the sudden it is time to push and I am crying saying the baby can't arrive because my husband isn't there. After a while of pushing I just say, "Thats it! I am going to find my husband!" And I leave!! Ha! There I am, in my gown, walking out of the hospital to go find Jer! Eventually I do, and we decide that a homebirth would be better. Somehow my contractions have slowed and I am walking all over the place- crazy I know! We decide to go to his parent's house to have the baby and one of my childhood friend's moms is there to deliver the baby! She brought along bunch of her hippie friends and they are getting make shift home birthing supplies together and running me a bath when I am still wondering if I am actually having a girl or not, and I wake up!

I hope that is no indication of how my next labor will go! But, hmm... a girl would be nice- I won't get me hopes up though! Safer that way!

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