Sunday, August 12, 2007

Itching to blog...

Wow- this gets addicting! I love it! I never thought I would but I totally do! I find myself waking up at night thinking about what I want to blog! And then there are all the amazing ideas I have gotten from other blogs! So- a big THANK YOU to the fellow crafty, bloggin' mamas of the world! I salute you!

So, update on Christmas! I have moved beyond the planning stage to the actual making stage! I bought the yarn for my Grandparent's crocheted afghan on Friday and I think it is going to turn out really nice! The yarn is just Homespun, but I figure that will be easy for washing and use. It has a nice mix of a mossy green, heather and copper/peach colors. I think it will go well in their living room (hopefully they will think so too!) This is the first time I have really made many gifts for Christmas, so I hope it goes over well!

This morning Roman and I watched to Jon Courson's message from August 5th. It was nice to get some teaching since we haven't been to church in a few weeks. Jeremiah has been working every weekend and I feel like it is pointless for just Roman and I to go since I end up sitting in the nursery the whole time anyway. Jon' s message was in Psalm 14, talking about how we need to acknowledge and remember God, keeping in mind that we could face eternity at any moment. It was really good. You can find it here. I was amazed when he started listing the statistics of how many people die- 50 million a year; 6,000 a hour; 100 a minute! There's a glimpse of reality for ya! Are you prepared?

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