Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Was Here... Breastfeeding!- For the First Time!

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I thought it only appropriate to kick off the first real week of I Was Here... Breastfeeding with our first ever breastfeeding photos with our Lion Cub!

So far breastfeeding is going fairly well. There has definitely been that initial nipple soreness- ya know that catch breath thing when the baby first latches on?! It is getting much better though. Judah also has a tendency to kind of slurp my nipple in instead of opening his mouth wide to latch which has caused a little bit of rawness on the end of my nipple, but between applying Lansinoh lanolin cream and giving my nipples time to air-dry after feedings things are much improved.

My milk came in just two days postpartum and, oh boy, the girls are HUGE! My husband was like "Holy Cow! They are bigger than Judah's head!" I am finally starting to get past some initial engorgement I experienced with my abundant supply and things are becoming much more comfortable!

It is amazing how different breastfeeding Judah is than breastfeeding Roman! Roman was a high-maintenance babe but he was also always an excellent nurser. He had a terrific latch from day one and would normally eat very frequently for short periods of time, around the clock. Judah is taking a little more time to learn the whole process and get his latch down, but when he does nurse he stays at the breast for quite a while (with a few burpings in the mix) and then goes a longer stretch before getting hungry again. I have to admit- getting 2-3 solid hours of sleep at a time has been very nice this time around! All in all, it is such a special relationship to have shared with both of my boys!

So, this week for you to get involved in I Was Here... Breastfeeding, I would love to hear about your initial breastfeeding experiences with your little ones! If you have more than one kiddo, how have they been different? How is breastfeeding different or than same as you expected? And of course, we would love to see pics! If you aren't newly breastfeeding then you can just post pics of where you have been nursing your little one as of late!

Once you have written your post come enter your direct link into the Mr. Linky below and visit some of the other mama's blogs to hear their experiences as well! Make sure to include the I Was Here... Breastfeeding button (HTML in left sidebar) somewhere in your post so other mamas can get involved too! For all the details about the I Was Here... Breastfeeding Meme please visit here.

Until next week- Happy Nursing!

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Homemade Mom said...

I'm currently engorged and it's painful! It's been 3 days since he was born and the "girls" are definitely bigger than his head! I know what you mean! I don't have any nursing pics yet, but I love reading about your experience. Nursing this baby has been different than the last two. He's an excellent nurser latching on as if he's always been doing it. My other two struggled a bit and caused a ton or soreness. This one is better so far. Hope you are all doing well. Take Care!!!