Monday, June 1, 2009

41 weeks! Ugh!

Alright, I never dreamed this was going to be a June baby! At this rate it feels like it will be July before this kid is out! I am so beyond ready to be done with this pregnancy! I feel like a horrible doula- a very bad example- but I am miserable and really don't want to be pregnant any more! I am having terrible pain from the muscle on my lower right ribs that is badly pulled, plus the pain from my back due to scoliosis. In addition, the baby is totally out of room in there and seems to only have mind to directly kick my pulled rib muscle!!! I had two nights of intense pre-labor last week that (obviously) ended up fizzling out, and today my husband left town for three days to work on a job! It feels like everything is working against me having this baby!

I wish I had something more positive and inspiring to share with you all, but this is the honest truth. I am praying a lot and trying to surrender the situation to the Lord, but it is incredibly difficult to get past the pain! So, I am sorry if my posts are short and sporatic this week- I am just not up for much of anything right now! However, the Chic Cheeks Meme will be up on Wednesday, so you can be watching for that!

Thanks for everyone's support and prayers!


Jen said...

I am praying for you. I am seven or so weeks away with my third and I don't know how you are not just demanding to get this baby out. I know that you are a doula and all, but 41 weeks is a long time. I hope that your husband is home in time for the birth. Wow! You are amazing. Hang in there!

LannaM said...

I so totally feel your pain. My babe was a 41w6d kiddo. It's brutal. I think at this point in pregnancy you're allowed to feel however you want. Especially with a husband out of town (luckily I didn't have that added bonus - I threatened to make his bosses watch the kids for me if I went into labor while he was out of town).

homeschoolceo said...

I am so sorry to hear you are miserable. I am praying for you and babe and sending loving vibes. Hang in there, it will be over soon and then the hormones will kick in and you won't remember it much, lol.

Becca said...

I just had my 3rd baby 2 weeks ago- so I totally can feel your pain!! Good luck and hope this baby comes SOON!!


Denise said...

(((Hugs))) Since you are a doula I'm sure you know all this stuff, but I just want to encourage you to rest, walk, drink LOTS of water & eat your protein!

For comfort, you might try soaking in a warm tub, swimming or even taking a nice warm shower.

I hope your precious bundle decides to show up soon.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Sending up some prayers for you!! I remember the last few weeks of pregnancy and I was always ready to be done. Looking forward to the Chic Cheeks meme.