Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer of Baby Love Blog Party starts Monday June 8!!!

After many months of planning and making mention of the upcoming festivities, The Summer of Baby Love Blog Party finally begins this coming Monday, June 8, 2009!!! All next week Mama Kenz Studio will be featuring just-for-fun giveaways on things that pamper mamas or just bring them enjoyment!

Then, every week for the rest of the summer Mama Kenz Studio will be featuring product reviews and giveaways for the best natural and attachment parenting products on the market! You mamas are going to love what I have lined up and I am so excited to share our experiences (and giveaways!) with you all!! You can check out all the details and specifics about the party right here!

Don't forget that along with all the product fun, next week will also kick off the rest of the memes that Mama Kenz Studio will be hosting (check the left sidebar), so keep you eyes open for those too!

There are so many ways to get involved on my blog this summer and I really hope to meet and get to know all of you mamas better over the coming months! It is going to be a blast so don't be shy!!

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