Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Pray

I am sorry there wasn't a new giveaway posted this week for the Summer of Baby Love Blog Party. As it turns out, I came down with a terrible cold a few days ago and now it would seem that Lion Cub has come down with it as well. So far, he just has a stuffed up nose, but that alone makes it difficult for him to nurse and nights have been very rough. We are praying very hard that it will not develop into anything more serious and that he will recover quickly (and that I will as well- recovering from birth alone is hard enough without this on top of it). If you all could keep us in your prayers as well we would deeply appreciate it!

The giveaways will be back next week with a giveaway and review of Sleepy Wraps- I know you will all love them! I will also be introducing my final new meme about babywearing. I also want to apologize for all of the comments I have not been able to follow back yet- I have just been focusing on trying to get better and take care of my family. I will be back full-time as soon as I can!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

You and your family are way more important and I will pray you and Lion Cub are better quickly!!

Brandon and Kim said...

You are in my prayers