Friday, February 19, 2010

Deathcab for iPhone!

My husband says that God killed my iPhone because it was my little idol.

I think it was Satan The Destroyer because he knew that I was doing most of my Bible in 90 Days reading on my You Version Bible App while I was nursing Lion Cub to sleep.

Either way, Lion Cub's 30 second use of my phone as a teether managed to reek havoc on my touch screen which is now unresponsive through a strip in the middle.  It is amazing what a little baby saliva can do! 

And now it sits in a plastic snack bag covered in rice to suck out the moisture, but sadly at this point, I have very little hope of it recovering.

I have now been without my phone for a week- my little portal to the outside world.  It has been difficult but surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be.  Sure, I no longer have an alarm clock or instant access to my e-mail, I'm completely out of touch with Facebook and can't send a text, but somehow I am surviving. 

I guess you could say that Lion Cub took Oprah's No Phone pledge a little too seriously (not that I ever texted at a red light... well, not in a long time!).

I think that biggest hit has been on my Bible in 90 Days reading.  I have gotten behind numerous times over the last week and a half and the amount of time I spend laying with Lion Cub trying to get him to sleep seems so much longer... and boring!  Yeah... that part is daunting.

But I refuse to buy a new phone right now!  I have a had my precious little 2G for two and a half years and I refuse to use my upgrade until the 4G with video chat comes out in June!  Somehow, I will make do... somehow.

Until then, however, I may need to find a new alarm clock.  Especially if I have any hope of reviving my Early Bird Challenge!

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