Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Letter #3- Februaury 3

Dear Love Button

Jer- I love your smile!  I mean, seriously, LOVE your smile!  When it is genuine it is priceless!

And your laugh makes my day!  I love to see what things you think are funny when we are watching a show.  I love to hear you laugh at the goofy things are boys do and say- ESPECIALLY when it is something you are trying really hard not to laugh at and your eyebrows go all high and surprised as you try to fiend seriousness!

It brings me so much joy!

And totally cracks me up!

Oh, and I really love when you laugh at something I said... if I meant to be funny (otherwise, shame on you!  :-P ).  Sometimes just having my wit appreciated is enough to truly lighten my mood, and let's face it, our 3 1/2 year old doesn't always catch on!

So thank you for your friendly face!

And I love you!

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