Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swaggin' Birthday!!!

Search & Win

If you have ever considered using Swagbucks to earn tons of virtual cash... actually, even if you haven't ever considered signing up for Swagbucks- TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!  All day long Swagbucks is celebrating their 2nd birthday and they are giving away massive amounts of bucks and adding all sorts of new ways to earn! 

Don't know what Swagbucks is or think it is some sort of scam?  Then let me back up and explain... trust me, I wouldn't steer you wrong!  Swagbucks is primarily a search engine (like Google) that pays you to search with Swagbucks.  Swagbucks are virtual dollars that can be used in their store to buy all sorts of prizes (legit stuff!), but most markedly you can buy gift cards to places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and more!  So, for doing something you ordinarily do anyway (searching for stuff on the web) you get rewarded!  It's that simple!  SERIOUSLY!  I am not pulling your leg!

There are people who bought almost all of their Christmas gifts this last year from the points they had accumulated all year- hundreds of dollars worth!  That is the goal my husband and I have for this year (well, at least to put a big dent in our Christmas spending!)!  And guess what?  When I went to bed last night I only had 105 bucks but when I woke up this morning I had 1,050 bucks because of the Swaggin' Birthday going on!!  Like I said, TODAY IS THE DAY to start Swaggin!

In addition to just searching you can gather Swag Codes (from newsletters, the blog, their facebook page, swaghunts and more), complete tasks, refer friends (you get up their first 100 bucks!), and a bunch of other stuff (games are soon to come).  But I think the best part is that you don't have to do any of those extra things to get rewarded!  All you really have to do to earn bucks is search, which I am doing all the time already, so someone might as well pay me!

The official party starts at 10:00am Pacific time, but events will be going on all day!  So go on, stop reading (trust me, that is the only time I will ever say that!) and hop on over to SWAGBUCKS and join!  You know you want to!  What have you got to loose?  (Hmmm... what other generic peer-pressure phrases can I think of?!)  Everybody's doing it!  Don't you want to be one of the cool kids?!  (Ok, yeah, I think that about does it!)

UPDATE: If you register for an account anytime from today (Feb 25th) through March 3rd then you can use the promo code “STSCODE” to start out with 60 (yes SIXTY!!) Swagbucks!  (NOTE: They are also changing the way they do the Swagbucks, so 60 Swagbucks is like 6 Swagbucks used to be).

Thanks to Surviving the Stores for the info!

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