Monday, May 31, 2010

Fab Finds for the End of May!

I found some serious inspiration and thought this week!  I just have to share all of this with all of you!

First off- isn't this just beautiful?!  I found this pic on this post by The CSI Project and it took my breath away!  I'm in love!  There are also sorts of other cool inspiring photos on that post, so you should really check it out!

Here are some words from Michelle Duggar on discipline and encouragement for your children.  I love what she has to say, however she doesn't ever seem tog et around to answering the question of whether or not they spank.  My guess is they either don't or they feel it is too private a matter to share with the world (in order to avoid scrutiny and criticism).

This is a great post from on how to prepare your car for summer from Organize and Decorate Everything.  I really need to get on this- it is a great idea!

Yet another beautiful flower tutorial!!!  This one comes courtesy of Shanty2Chic.  We finally got paid and a glue gun is on my list (yes- gasp!  I don't have one!)!  I have great plans for this little flower!

This was such a good post from A Holy Experience all about the marriage bed.  I especially like The Love Collecting Box- so make sure you scroll down!

I may just have to make these cupcakes from Hoosier Homemade for Lion Cub's upcoming birthday!  Aren't they cute!?


Oh and have you heard that Carisa at 1+1+1=1 opened her "Members Only" section?!  Guess how much she is charging for a lifetime membership?  $10!!!!  I told her she was crazy but am also incredibly grateful!!  I am so indebted to this wonderful lady for all the inspiration and resources she has given us (and everyone) for homeschooling!  We are definitely going to get our membership at the end of the summer when we officially kick off our school year!

Granola Mom 4 God

Lastly, I have completely fallen in love with Granola Mom 4 God this week!  If you haven't seen this blog you have to go there right now!!  She has so many wonderful ideas (and giveaways!).  I plan to make her mayo recipe tomorrow!

Happy reading- I hope you enjoy as much as I have!