Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chic Cheeks- Promoting Cloth!

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This week I thought it would be a good idea to give some links to some awesome information about promoting cloth diapers and ask you what you do to help spread the cloth lovin' word! I find for myself that I am so in love with cloth that it is not hard to share my experiences and findings with other mamas, especially mamas who would not normally be prone to cloth diapering (which was totally me when I started!). In fact, I love doing it so much that teaching about natural parenting concepts and products is a big part of my business, Chic & Savvy Mamas.

I recently read this article on the blog Cloth Diapers and was very alarmed, although I won't say surprised because these are just the sort of tactics the big companies use (and it's smart really!). They are spreading the word about their products where we are growing to listen most- blogging mamas! So what can we do? Well, I think if we matched the sposie bloggers post for post and even surpassed them, it would make a huge difference! Participating in memes like this one is not only a fun way to share with other cloth diapering mamas, but spread the word to those mamas who would not normaly give cloth a second thought! Let's make CDing the norm!

Something else you can do in support of cloth is participate in this survey about how you diaper. It is a great way to share your experiences, knowledge level, and preferences- even if you don't use cloth. In fact, I would really encourage you to point your non-CDing friends to this survey too (they may be surprised by what they learn from a simple and quick survey!)!

Need other ways to spread the word? How about in real life? Hop on over to for not only wonderful information about everything from environmental to health reasons to switch to cloth, but also a wide selection of brochures, postcards and other cloth diapering advocacy gear! You can also direct your friends to this calculator on that shows parents the cost differences between sposies and cloth- very compelling in this economy!

So, what do you do to spread the word? Do you just show off your little one's cute cloth behind or are you more vocal? Join in and tell us what you do!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I fell in love with cloth diapering and I tell every mama-to-be about how great it is and how much money we are saving!! I only wish I had realized it's greatness three children ago!!

I hope your little one decides to come soon!! I'll watch for the next Chic Cheeks and participate!!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh I make a point of showing off her super cool diapers to anyone and everyone who will listen. Plus, I blog about cloth diapers and cloth diapering on a very regular basis.

Denise said...

I've fallen in LOVE with cloth diapering. I show off my daughter's diapers all the time & I've enjoyed educating other parents in our church nursery about just how easy cloth can be. One of my neighbors recently approached me about cloth for her twins after seeing my daughter playing outside in one of her cute fitted diapers.