Monday, February 22, 2010

Who says motherhood doesn't change you?

I don't exactly know what brings you to the point in your life when getting pee-ed on does not absolutely necessitate the subsequent immediate changing of the offended garment, but somehow I am there.

I think that every mother probably encounters this sort of phenomenon at some point in their baby years.

I know it is just a phase. 

I know that I will not always encounter the spray of a little boy who just experienced the inevitable draft of an opened diaper, and so relinquished his powerful little fountain, with the thought , "Eh, it'll dry."

Maybe it is a result of no energy.

Maybe it is the feeling that there are just bigger things to worry about.

Maybe it is that ever-nagging voice whispering from my laundry room that justifies the continued wearing of said garment, just so as to not dirty one more thing, thus creating more work for myself.

Whatever it is, right now... I am there.

Eh, oh well.  It'll dry.


Brandon and Kim said...

I totally feel like that at times.

Secret Mommy said...

Thank you for making me feel so not alone! Just yesterday I noticed my shirt was damp in a pretty large area from holding a baby who'd leaked through a rushed cloth diapering. And I wondered about myself when I thought, "it'll dry." :)

Valerie said...

Ha Ha! I've been there so many times! I'm even wondering why I ever thought that I would make it through a day without puke, pee, baby food or snot all over my shirt......someday!

:) Valerie

Anonymous said...

Funny. When I had my son, I could not figure out why I was changing onesies, sleepers and bassinet sheets and blankets, 3x a night! (I only had a daughter before him!)
At some point at a peds appt., a nurse said, "make sure you point it down," ohhh.
As for the surprise spray, yeah just another bonus of motherhood! ;)