Monday, May 3, 2010


When I saw the MckLinky Blog Hop theme for tonight was Nicknames, I couldn't not participate!  Growing up, my family was the ultimate in nickname giving!  We even have nicknames for our nicknames!  No one is exempt- even our pets had nicknames!  So, here is the run-down!

I like to think it all started with me!  Since I started walking at 9 months old my Dad quickly dubbed me Zoomer, which over time morphed into Zoonie, which he still calls me to this day!  it also has variations of Zoonie-Maroonie and just plain Zoon!

My Mom also has a whole slew of nicknames for me, including: Judy Lucy, Missy Beana, Peana Peana, and Ga' Friend!

Apparently when my brother was born I couldn't pronounce "Brother," so I took to calling him "Broth," (pronounced "Bruth") and have called him that ever since.  In fact, it is so integral to his identity that since my boys were born he has been known as "Uncle Broth!"  He typically refers to me as "MacKenz."

My parents call each other "Wonji" (from Dances with Wolves) and "Oni" (this one I can't remember the origin for).  We also used to have a cat named Chezwick who somehow ended up being called "Putty" for the latter half of his life!

My husband and I always call each other by at least a shortened version of names, if not something else entirely (such as "babe").

Our boys, of course, have nicknames too.  R-Man has a few different nicknames, the most common of which is "Bud," but lately he has preferred to be called "Iron Man," or most recently, "Chuck Bartowski!"  Lion Cub is most often called "Brutis" and "Bubba."

So, basically, if you are called your real name in our family you know you are in big trouble or something is terribly wrong!  Yes, we are a family of alter-egos!

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