Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Review is Coming!

I am so excited to announce that soon I will be hosting a review- one that has really got me jazzed!  It is for a company that boasts a plethora of online shopping options.  I mean, you can buy everything from a sleeper sofa to cookware from these guys! 

Have you guessed who I'm talking about yet?  Yup- CSN stores!  If you haven't heard about them you have to check them out!  They have over 200 online stores, (including CSNsofas.com and cookware.com- just to name a couple!) selling everything from educational toys to furniture, and everything in between!

I am currently pouring through their stores trying to make the huge decision of what to get!  I have a few ideas but there is just sooooo much to choose from!  What would you review from them if you could?