Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prepare for Thanksgiving with Marmee!

This week I wanted to feature some of the wonderful products that my sponsor Marmee sells that can make your Thanksgiving holiday not only easier but genuinely more special!  Since Marmee's products centralize around homemaking, I believe that the holidays are a time of the year when what she has to offer especially shines!
The first, and most obvious, suggestion I have for making your Thanksgiving a little smoother and a little more homemade is.... a BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer of course!  Wouldn't your family be impressed and blessed with homemade rolls, breads and pastries throughout the holiday weekend?

Then, as long as you've got your BOSCH, why not grab some cookie paddles to help whip up some pie crust or even cookies for dessert (and of course you will want to get these stainless steel scoops to make sure all your confections are the same size for even baking!).

Wouldn't this Turnover Dough Press be fun for a nice, light, pre-prepped Thanksgiving morning breakfast of apple turnovers?  It would also be a fast grab if you are going to be headed out the door bright and early the next morning to hit the sales (but wouldn't it be more fun to just hit the sales on your computer in your PJs?!).

How about getting a Bible Journal just to make sure you are keeping your heart thankful and focused on the Lord during this holiday season?  Sounds like a good idea to me!

And finally, wouldn't this neat Family Recipe Keeper be nice to put all your holiday recipes in and build on over the years to pass on to your children someday (and keep you nice and ready for the holidays all the years in between!).

Get your orders in soon so you can be sure to be all ready when November 25 rolls around- it's coming fast than any of us think!

Be sure to visit my sponsor- Marmee's Bread Market- for recipes and everything else you need to easily make fresh baked goods for your family!