Thursday, May 7, 2009

37 Weeks! Is it possible?

So, technically speaking, if this babe came right now he or she would be considered full term! I just can't believe I will actually have a babe in my arms sometime in the next few weeks! It really couldn't come at a crazier time- my husband has a crazy job schedule right now, my in-laws are in Mexico (of all places! Let's hope for no swine flu!), and my parents are moving and working 'round the clock! It is just nuts! I feel so isolated, but in some ways that is good because I still have a fair amount to get done before this babe comes!

Speaking of which- I had another nesting surge last Thursday (the day my husband was coming home from out of town), I just felt like I needed to have everything in the house at least decent so that I wouldn't be going cleaning crazy in early labor (if I were to go into labor over the weekend- which obviously I didn't!)! For the most part I have been able to maintain the progress I made that day, but I am planning on doing another deep cleaning this next Monday just to make sure everything is in it's place.

Right now the things I still have left on my list to complete include:
-Sewing my diaper bag (which most of the pieces are cut for- I want to get this one done today)
-Making my labor/birth playlist
-Finish and send out our babyshower and birthday thank you cards
-Figure out our baby announcements
-Replace the elastic in our diaper pail liners
-Prepare some meals for the freezer
-Get our front room ready for postpartum (including making the futon into a bed)
-Finish some of my CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator work
-Wrap up some blog prep for the Summer of Baby Love and the new memes I will be introducing this summer!

Hmmm.... that is more than I thought- I better get on it! At least I got my garden mostly in this last weekend and I am feeling more mentally ready for birth. I have been having many more braxton hicks this last week or so- especially if I am very active (Monday night every time I stood up I had one!) and although I don't feel like I will be giving birth this week, the thought does cross my mind that this babe could show up earlier than planned (my doulas, midwife and chiropractor also consider this to be a distinct possibility). I'm sure we will soon see! Roman definitely is ready for this babe to come (or so he thinks!)- he keeps asking for the baby to come out and wonders what the baby is doing throughout the day- very sweet and cute!

Oh, and on a funny little note, I had another crazy pregnancy dream a nights ago. I have had quite a few of them this pregnancy (mostly being about birth, which seems to always include being in a hospital for some reason and having the staff treat me horribly- to the point where I end up giving birth by myself- fighting the power- haha!), but last night in my dream I just started going into labor (all the early signs were there) and I was at Disneyland!!! I just kept telling my family that I needed to get home because I was going to give birth soon- crazy!

On a final little pregnancy note- these are my current addiction:

Mmmmmm, yes! Pretzels with melted Rollos on top, smashed down with a pecan! Heaven in a bite- let me tell you!! Pop them in the fridge after they are done and they are simply the best thing EVER!!! The perfect combination of salty and sweet- you must try some! I think I have probably polished off... well, I shouldn't reveal the number, but just know it's a LOT! Oh well- 37 weeks, I can get away with it!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Congrats on being so close!! I can't wait to hear your birth story and see pics of the new little one. Are birthing at home? Sorry if that's something you've already said.

Those pretzels look divine!!

Allison said...

Kenz, I love the belly shots :) so beautiful! And the last picture totally made me smile :) we will have to try those pretzels! They look like the perfect movie snack.

Homemade Mom said...

You look great! I'm 32 weeks today and I gave birth to both my boys at 36 weeks 6 days. So I'm thinking I have about 4 weeks to go!'s gone by so fast! I can't wait to read your birth story when it happens. Keep us all posted! Maybe you can twitter the action!