Tuesday, May 19, 2009

39 Weeks- Preparing for the Birth!!

Okay, honestly I have been very torn this last week or so- as a doula I know that this babe will come out when it is good and ready and I just need to wait patiently for that fateful day, however as a pregnant mama I just want this kid out!!! I am uncomfortable, not sleeping well, in terrible pain from my ribs and upper back (scoliosis) and just feel like I am done being pregnant! I even went so far as to rub my ankles for an hour the other night... to no avail (obviously!).

I have felt added pressure to have this child within certain time frames as well because people who are supposed to be attending my birth (such as my husband!!!) have been in and out of town for work and will continue to be over the next couple of weeks- talk about stress! My dear doulas have been kindly reminding me though, that the Lord has a set date and time for this babe to enter our lives on the outside and I am trying (and praying earnestly) to rest in that knowledge, as hard as it is!

Everything set up for the birth on the dresser in our room.

I have already come to that point where I feel "ready enough" for the baby to come. By that, I mean that I have finished enough (not all) of the pre-birth tasks I intended to complete, and figure that whatever isn't done by now can wait until another time. With that said, each day that passes does allow me to get a few more things done and checked off that no longer so important list, including some things that probably don't really need to be done at all! But hey- I just chalk it all up to nesting!

For instance, (and if you are one of the lovely women attending my birth this is where you should quit reading so your surprise isn't ruined!) I have tried to put together a few small things to make this birth feel more like an event than just another birth (as silly as that sounds- I know!). But basically I have a tray that I am going to put out with an assortment of teas (including some awesome pregnancy teas sent to me by Earth Mama Angel Baby to try out- yum!), little gift bags with the bath salts and such that I also made for Mother's Day, and a little "make yourself at home" note.

I have also put together detailed lists for the couple of friends I have coming who are in charge of R-man and the atmosphere of the birth- their main job is to insure that he is fed and entertained and that my primary birth attendants (doulas, midwife and husband) are taken care of with water & food and such. I also have things listed out for them to do such as make sure my birth playlist is running at all times, that candles are lit (and not burning down the house) and that everything around the house (dishes, toys, etc...) is picked up and neat when everything is said and done. I am so thankful to have these women coming and feel truely blessed by their willingness to help!

Beyond the discomfort and lack of sleep, there is also an overriding feeling of excitement and anticipation rolling through our home. I am so curious to find out just who it is I have been carrying around all these months! Will R-man have a little brother or a little sister? Will I be buying little pink and purple summer dresses in the coming months or pulling out all the hand-me-downs? How big will he or she be? What will this birth really end up being like? Will this babe be crazy and colicky like R-man, or calm and relaxed? Overall, how will we adjust to becoming a family of four? It is all so close, and yet still very sureal at this point. Soon though, very soon, my questions will be answered and I will get to introduce our newest addition to all of you! I can't wait... or can I?


Carisa said...

Praying for you in these final days. I can't wait to read all about the birth of your newset angel!!!

;) Carisa

Mike said...

Looks like you're having fun. Have more.

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the Young family said...

Praying for you too Mackenzie. You sound an awful lot like me when I was pregnant with Lin, planning my first homebirth- with my doula and assistant friends in attendance. Enjoy these last few prego days! You should go swimming if you can- feels great and takes the pressure off- also good for correcting bad baby position (OP)!

homeschoolceo said...

You sound so totally prepared. This baby is lucky to have such an awesome mama!

Jinxy said...

I would loved to have a birth like you have prepared. It sounds wonderful.
I hope it all goes perfectly (and soon) for you.