Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Garden is in!

Alright- I really wanted to have a decent garden this year and a couple of months ago I began buying seeds and planting starts to get myself already to go so that I could plant before the baby arrives. However I had one big snag- our backyard was one huge weed pit that I would never have been able to till up by hand (and believe me, I tried)!

Well, this last weekend everything fell into place for us to get my plants in the ground! The weather was great, my husband was home, and my wonderful grandma rented a tiller for us (since money has been incredibly tight) so that we could tear up the whole yard and just get it done! I am so thankful! We spent 6 hours on Saturday working outside in the rarely-seen sun as a family- it was great for all of us!

I have literally never seen our backyard look this nice- it actually appears to have some potential now! We planted Sunflowers, Corn, Green Beans, Cherry tomatoes, Broccoli, Raspberry bushes, a Blueberry bush, a Blackberry bush, two kinds of Strawberries, Lettuce, Spinach, Onions and Carrots! I also still have starts growing for Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Beefhouse Tomatoes, Watermelon, Pumpkins, Cantaloupe and more Broccoli too! I am really hoping that it all grows well so that it can help cut down on our food bill this summer- plus it will be a good excuse to get out in the yard this summer. We are also hoping to put in some grass in the main part of our yard after we get paid next so at least all the hard work we did of tilling up the weeds won't go to waste!

One more thing off my list and, in my opinion, a job well done!

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Montana Mama said...

That is so awesome! You should post a pic! I really need to get a garden going, but we live on a mountain so our back yard is full of weeds AND big huge rocks under the ground. It was a big enough pain to dig a hole for a rosebush! I can only imagine how much work would be involved in prepping our back yard for a garden!

Anyhow, 2 thumbs up!