Monday, May 25, 2009

40 Weeks... no baby in sight

So today is the fateful "due date", as well as my midwife's birthday, so you can be very near sure that NOTHING will happen today! Bummer! So much for hoping on an early birth! My parents are feeling Wednesday (which is also my brother-in-law's birthday) and my grandma is pulling for Friday (which also happens to be her 70th birthday). Personally, May 28th (Thursday) has always stood out in my head for some reason, though I have no idea why, and I am more than willing to get this baby out before then!

I have found myself to be very bored in recent days! Other than working on blogging stuff, I don't feel like doing much of anything, and honestly, I don't want to do anything that could potentially make a mess because my house is all set for labor (and has been for days)! I feel like I keep following Roman around making sure there aren't toys out all over the floor and things are neat and tidy. Before we go anywhere I go into frantic-cleaning-mode, making sure the dishes and laundry are done and everything is just right! It's ridiculous and I am sure I am driving my family crazy! But I can't help it! It's instinctual!

So, to escape the madness of keeping my house "perfect" I decided to retreat to my garden today, which desperately needed (and still needs) to be weeded. However, when I got out there I discovered that it has been taken over not by normal, big weeds, but by thousands of microscopic weeds that you practically need tweezers to extract! Of course that would have to be the case! So, I got nearly one row of my spinach weeded before the heat got the best of me and I decided to head back inside.

Oh well! At this point, I don't really care! In fact, since I am writing this during nap time, I think a Snickers Ice-cream Bar and a chick flick are calling my name! Yes- I'm going to kick up my feet, try to get semi-comfortable and enjoy treats and a show! Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!

Don't I look thrilled?!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the baby will come tomorrow... because tomorrow is my birthday! ;-)

(Wouldn't it be more fun to have your baby born on the same day as a near-stranger, instead of a family member's birthday?)

homeschoolceo said...

Hang in there sweets! It won't be long. I was always so ready near the end, but then sad not to be pregnant any more. The grass is always greener, you know? Enjoy the magic of pregnancy a few moments longer. Blessings to you and babe!

Allison said...

Oh Kenz, I know it is so hard. And there is nothing really to be said that can make it better. But I am thinking of and praying for you guys!! :)

Homemade Mom said...

You look great! I'm sure you're miserable because I know I am! Keep us all posted! I keep checking your site to see if there is any progress...I'm getting anxious for you! I do the same thing...keeping the house tidy. I just know that any day now I could have this baby and I don't want to come home from the hospital to a dirty house and dirty laundry! Keep up the good work!

Derek said...

If it's any consolidation, you make a super cute preggo lady! Hang in there..the last weeks are so I hard!