Wednesday, May 13, 2009

38 Weeks- and the diaper bag is done!

Alright- less than two weeks to go (hopefully a lot less- but I'm not counting on it!). I am finally feeling ready too- as amazing as that is (I never thought I would). I finished my cleaning this morning (baseboards, light switches, door handles and all- can you say nesting?) and all my big projects are complete- including the diaper bag I have been talking about for months! So here it is!

Two Pockets in front that snap shut:

A zippered pocket on the back for my wallet, cell phone and such:

A pocket on one side (for keys or whatever):
A large, waterproof main pocket, split into 3 sections- one for diapers/wetbag/changing mat, one for water bottles/snacks/toys, and the other for changes of clothes (for me and babe), receiving blankets and whatever else.
An adjustable strap that allows me to wear the bag long across myself while babywearing, or shorter over one shoulder.
I also made a coordinating set of burp rags; extra-large, comfy changing mats; and a nursing cover with adjustable neck strap.
I am particularly excited about the changing mats I made! They are about 24" x 28" so there is plenty of room for baby to move around and when I am out in public I don't have to worry about him or her accidentally touching the nasty public changing tables! I also made them in 4 layers- microfleece next to babe (to wick away any stray sprays during a change!), flannel to absorb any sprays, PUL to make it waterproof, and then the decorative fabric on the back. Here you can see all the layers:

I liked this changing mat idea so much that I made two for at home too (along with matching burp rags)! These ones have a layer of minky for next to baby and flannel on the back as the decorative fabric as well as on the inside:
It feels so good to just have little projects that aren't total necessities left! I am just going to take the rest of my time til baby comes to work on some of my certified lactation educator training, bloggy stuff, reading and keeping the house clean (now that it is). All of my birth supplies are organized on our new dresser and my midwife delivered the tub to us at my appointment last week. It was bigger than I anticipated, but she may be able to get a little bit smaller one to us if one of her other clients as her baby soon. R-man, however, LOVED it!We blew it up just to check the sizing (as you can see, it takes up most of the room- toughing our bed and our dresser!).After checking it we then deflated it, but R-man keeps asking if we can blow it back up! He really wants to "share it with me" at the birth and I have to keep explaining to him that it will just be for mama! Haha- he is cute and excited! He has also been asking a lot lately about what the baby is doing throughout the day, if it is sleeping or moving, and when it is going to come out! Soon, buddy, very soon!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I LOVE the diaper bag!!! You are so talented. If you made those and sold, I would definitely buy!! I think nesting is the appropriate word!! Now that everything is ready, all you need is baby!

homeschoolceo said...

Super cute bag. Well done! I am impressed. That pool looks like tons of fun :D

Montana Mama said...

That is SO cute! Did you use a pattern or did you make it up yourself? Did you use plastic or metal snaps? I've been trying to find a good pattern for a very roomy diaper bag, but everything is so small! But that bag (and all the accessories) looks awesome! I'm interested to find out how you like the water birth. When we had Hailey, I TOTALLY thought I would want to sit in the birthing tub, but as it turns out, I'm a "mover". I couldn't hold still. :) As long as I was moving it was all good. And I had to walk around, so the thought of jumping in and out of the tub naked and walking around dripping wet just didn't sound happy to me. :)

Homemade Mom said...

That diaper bag is amazing!!! What a great job you did! I've been wanting something similar that has a divided interior for different things. Great work!!!

The birthing tub...huge! You'll probably enjoy the size when the time comes. You may need to stretch out!