Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Co-op for moms

It actually isn't a co-op at all anymore.  In fact, many of us refer to it as "Jenny-School" since our lovely and sweet friend not only hosts it but teaches it and puts together all of the activities each week.  We come under the guise of having our children learn together and play but I think there is a real reason for our gathering that is less often spoken of- we want to be there.  We want to hang out and let the kids run slightly wild while we just relish in the fellowship.  It is such a sweet time to look forward to each week.

We met seldomly this summer because of vacations and activities, and I hadn't fully realized how much I missed that time until we regathered this past Friday.  By the time I left I was a little overwhelmed by the realization of what those women and the relief that comes from spending time with them, really does to me.  It is medicine for my soul.  They are such an encouraging, understanding and compassionate group of ladies.  I have joked with Jenny that this will be the boys' homeschool group until they graduate so she had better stick around here!  And although I know that won't really be the case, I so cherish the time that I have with this group right now.

I must admit that often times when I leave I do feel entirely socially awkward.  It seems that being a stay-at-home-mom has dimmed my social skills a bit and I apparently must get giddy when in the presence of other adults which leads to talking too much.  I walk away each week feeling like they must just think I am a total bozo, but somehow they always seem to genuinely welcome when I return the next week.  They baffle me, and I am so grateful for them.

Look what they did for my birthday this year (which of course I never got around to posting because the pictures were on my phone, blah, blah, blah...).  I was so stunned and humbled by their out pouring of love for me.  They had collectively planned a little party for me- their were decorations, flowers, cards, white chocolate huckleberry mouse and even lunch!

Sadly, due to an ear infection for Lion Cub I only got to be there for about a half an hour and missed the lunch, but the fact that they had done all of that for me was so beyond anything I would have ever even thought to expect!  The thought of it still honestly brings tears to my eyes.  I have never been that great at having many girl friends, so the fact that these ladies (many of whom I hadn't even known for that long) would rally around me in this way, just to make me feel special on my birthday, was (and is) beyond words!

So, needless to say, I am thrilled and blessed to once again have Fridays to look forward to!  And I just want to extend my love and thanks to these beautiful women who bring compassion, honesty, kindness and love to my life each week- they represent the definition of friendship.

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