Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Ten Places I'm finding Inspiration

We might be moving- Lord willing.  We are on the verge of a potentially life-altering change.  It's all a pretty big deal and a little all consuming at the moment.  I hope to have more to inform you guys about it soon, but for now all of your prayers would be hugely appreciated!

So, in light of this possible move I have been thinking a LOT about decorating!  The home we live in now is small, comfy and completely remodeled, but it just isn't quite my style.  For starters, the main remodel was done by my husband and his parents before we were together, with the idea of flipping or renting.  they used a lot of neutral vinyl wall covering (aka- the entire main floor) so I haven't been able to add color and hang things on the walls as I would have liked.

In addition, the decorating I have done happened mostly right after we got married, nearly seven years ago.  I was 19 and didn't know enough about my personal style to really create an amazing space.  I was coming out of my teenage obsession with all things leopard and really didn't know what to do with a whole house.  So I followed the neutral theme that was set before me.  Since then I have changed the curtains and a few little accessories to start reflecting the personal style I have developed, but the funds haven't really been there to do anything major and there has always been that thought that we would hopefully move soon so why go bonkers?!

Now though, the possibilities seem endless!  So here is where I have been getting the majority of my inspiration:

1. This kitchen from Sarah's House (if you haven't seen this show in HGTV you HAVE to- especially the farm house season!).

2. This kitchen posted by Stephanie at Barefoot in the Kitchen!  Oh my!  Look at those floors!  And I love that there are almost only lower cabinets- it makes the space feel so much more open!

3. The Farm Chicks- she is building her house right now so I get to follow along and say "ooo- I want that too!"  She is practically decorating for me!  I really love these lighting fixtures she posted!

4. This boy bedroom from Sarah's House.  The barnwood ceiling, the light the shade of blue... amazing!

5. The Antonio Treatment- I LOVE this show! And while much of what he does is not my style, his daring work and the way he ties everything together really inspires me.

6. It's Mary Ruffle- beauty all around!  These pictures are AMAZING!

7. House of Turquoise- oh my!  My whole house might end up turquoise!

8. This paper collection by Amy Butler and K&Company!  In love!  Ok- pretty much any Amy Butler though, if I'm being serious!

9. These workspaces posted on Sew Much Ado- Especially this one!  Spot the turquoise again?

10. Decor Pad is a community I just found that is all about decorating and renovation!  Share photos, get inspired and share in the obsession!  I can tell I will be spending much more time here!  (by the way, I found them via this post from The CSI project).

What inspires your decor?  Do you feel like your house reflects who you are?

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