Friday, September 10, 2010

My little addiction...

It's true.  I just can't help myself.  I wish I could say that the little addiction I am going to share with you was merely one to chocolate- that I could handle!  I could more than handle it- I could be completely okay with it (since, clearly, I already am).  But no, this addiction is much more serious.  You see, when I stumble across a new blog that even slightly resembles something that I may be interested in, that small little button that either holds the word "follow" or "subscribe" beckons my name and I simply cannot resist.  It is a weakness.  A sickness really.  One person should not have upwards of 200 blogs in their Google Reader!  It isn't healthy!  I have 23 blogs that begin with the letter "M" alone!  There is no way that anyone could honestly and genuinely follow that many blogs!

For instance, at this moment I have 725 posts in my reader. 725!!!  (And that is up from the 712 it was merely at the start of writing this post!)  I have been trying to widdle this down over the last week or so, and it didn't start off as that many, but you know how it is, as soon as I get one post read then 4 more get published and added to the list in its place!  Plus, much of the time I scroll through my reader on my phone if I am not able to get to the computer.  So, I always "save as unread" the posts that I like, want to see on the big screen, or want to tumbl- but if I am not able to get to my reader on my computer for a day or so these really add up!

If I were to ask my parents about this predicament, I am sure they would harken back to my yesteryears when I would even refuse to sleep for fear of missing something... anything really.  It is a plague.  Ingrained in my character since birth.  Each time I dare to even consider hitting the little "unsubscribe" button, that nagging, sing-songy little voice whispers, "But what if they post something really good?!  You'll never know..."

Want to hear the even crazier and almost funny part?!  I really have been trying to chisel up my reader lately- get down to the blogs that I truly love and know that I absolutely don't want to miss.  So, I have actually been unsubscribing from a few blogs here and there.  One day I even went through and did I big purge and was starting to feel a little bit better about my situation.  For some reason, however, Google keeps adding these blogs back into my reader!!!  Ahhhh!!  I have no other reasonable explanation for it and the only thing I can think is that these phantom blog subscriptions are stalking me!  I can't break free!

If anyone has a suggestion for how to handle all of this (including permanently deleting subscriptions from my Google Reader) I would love to hear them.  Until then I will hold my breath, close my eyes and click the "Mark all as read" button with a cringe and shiver down my spine. I am sure I will be missing a plethora of good great incredible ideas, but lets face it 722 is just not a number that this swamped mama can even comprehend, let alone conquer!  Well, here goes nothin'...

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