Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

He walked in the front door with the mail clenched in his fist, as he had done every day for the past 2 weeks.  This time it was different- a check had finally come.  A tinge of relief shone on his face but with the burden of our past due bills and the mortgage looming on the horizon, he could not fully rest his mind yet.  This check, which was billed out for over two months ago, would not be enough.  But it was something.

I continued about my tasks in the kitchen, thankful but not overcome with peace, until the gasp of shock emerged from his lips and I looked up to see his mouth agape and his eyes wide.  This was not the past due check we had been waiting and praying on.  This was a check that he had only billed out for a mere few weeks ago and its total was almost three times that of the other check we had been waiting on.

This was relief.

This was elatement.

This was seeing God tangibly provide.  While we had been scurrying around to contact the bank and fret over how we would even eat, He knew all along what was going to happen and had it all under control.

While the fretting was obviously unnecessary and not what He wants for us, I somehow think that the steps we made to contact the bank were the right thing for us to do.  I think that by doing so we were able to say, "Alright God- we have explored every avenue.  We have done our part.  We haven't just sat idly by waiting for a miracle, even though we are praying for one.  Now, however you are going to work it out, work it out.  There is literally nothing more we can do."  We did all that we humanly could.  We were given no option at that point to do anything but put the rest in His hands.  And He cam through.  At the last possible minute- when we had nothing left.  He said, "I haven't forgotten about you."

He did it.  He took care of us at one of our lowest lows.  So, why in the world was one of the first questions that uncontrollably left my lips, "But what about next month?"  Sheesh!  In the midst of the lesson, in the midst of Him coming through and giving us just enough, just in time, I worry about tomorrow and want just a little bit more.

Luckily I immediately caught myself- or maybe that little voice saying, "you're missing the point..." wasn't mine at all.  He wanted to come through for us.  He wanted to show us He has the power and the ability to take care of us.  And more importantly, I think, He wanted us to trust Him.  To really believe what He says.  To rest in Him.  He wanted us to truly experience the peace that passes all understanding.  And just to make sure we keep this lesson fresh in our minds and hearts, He only gave us just enough.  He wants us to keep resting in, relying on and trusting Him.

So, today I'm resting and trusting.  Don't get me wrong- I'll be praying too, for much is still unknown (to us) and next month's bills will eventually come, but today, I'm remembering that He has not forgotten me and my little family.

...thankfulness continued...

#11.  an unexpected check

#12.  little boys who love to snuggle

#13.  playhouse disney, cause sometimes mama needs a shower and a break

#14.  creative outlets

#15.  warm fall days

#16.  the hope for change on the horizon

#17.  open windows accompanied by a cool breeze

#18.  country drives

#19.  chocolate

#20.  friends who check on you and genuinely want to help

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