Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you heard of her?

Apparently I am one of the very few people who hasn't heard of Ree Drummond- The Pioneer Woman, until now (or last week, actually).  If you happen to be in the same camp that I was in just a week ago (of never having heard of her) then stop what you are doing and go meet her (on her blog of course) right now.  WAIT!  I guess I mean stop what you are doing after you read about her here, then go meet her.

I believe she has the true heart of an honest to goodness blogger.  She is very real and full of character.  She single-handedly makes me give serious consideration to switching to Wordpress.

And this, oh this, is some of the absolute best blogging advice I have ever read, complete with a reference to Steel Magnolias.  And oh do I love a good movie quote.

I'll leave what I have to say about her at that and let you go discover the rest of the goodness and bounty at The Pioneer Woman yourselves.

What a find!

Yes, now you may go!  I'm done!  Scamper on now!

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