Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Monday?

Top Ten {Tuesday} 

Alright- I now that this meme is typically Top Ten Tuesday, but since I already have a regular feature on Tuesdays I thought that I would post my list on Mondays when I participate.  The silly thing is that I have been wanting to join in this meme for so long that now that I have decided to do it, I can hardly think of anything "Top Ten" worthy!

I have bounced around a lot of ideas but I think the one I have settled on is the Top Ten Things I am Thankful for.  I have been reading a lot about changing my attitude and cultivating peace and joy in my life and family, especially in light of our current circumstances (i.e. dead broke and waiting for a miracle).  So, I thought what better way to begin that journey than focusing on the things that the Lord has blessed me with?  I hope to continue this list from here, as Ann Voskamp does on A Holy Experience as well, so although this list will contain only the Top Ten things I am thankful for, and will probably seem fairly obvious, I hope to relish in the little things I am grateful for over time as well.

holy experience

#1.  Jesus My Savior.  He keeps taking me back and forgiving me.  I don't get it- I'm not worthy and He just keeps on loving me.

#2.  My kids- they drive me crazy but they also bring me the most joy.  They are beautiful and unique and my greatest pride.

#3.  My husband- some of my greatest lessons and the shaping of my character come from learning how to love my husband.

#4.  My parents- my mom is one of my very best friends and the ultimate shopping partner.  My dad gives the best hugs on the planet!

#5.  My grandma- she is always, always, ALWAYS there for me.  She doesn't judge me.  She is my biggest fan.  She sings the goofiest songs to my kids. And she makes the best popcorn balls ever!

#6.  My brother- he is at a hard place in his life but I love him any way.

#7.  My friend Sharon- she is everything you could want in a friend.  She cares deeply, listens earnestly, and loves genuinely through action and prayer.  She has been at the birth of both of my babies and was the only person to bring me a card, flowers and a meal when I lost Micah to miscarriage.  She never judges me but offers me solid, honest, Biblical advice even when its hard to take and she does so with complete love.  I am so grateful to God for placing her in my life!

#8.  The Friday-School we attend and all the ladies there.  Check this post if you want to read why.

#9.  My House- although I am often frustrated by its location, layout and size- it's ours.  We have a roof over our heads and these days that truly is something to be thankful for!

#10.  The food on our table- once again, it may seem so simple and cliche, but in a time like this when I honestly don't know how we are going to eat all week, somehow God makes a way or gives me the creativity to keep us fed.

What are you thankful for?

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