Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chic Cheeks- Gro Baby!

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I won! I won! I won!!!!!! I still can't believe it! I feel like I have entered so many contests and never see any results! I have especially been entering contests for Gro Baby diapers (since the day they came out) because I have wanted to try one so badly but just couldn't bring myself to pay $24 for one! Well, Barefoot Mommies recently held yet another Gro Baby contest and my number was finally drawn!!

So, what's the verdict? I LOVE this diaper! I really didn't expect to like it as much do, but I do! The first time Lion Cub wore it he made quite a mess in it, but much to my surprise, it all stayed within the liner and didn't leak out onto the shell at all! Woohoo! The snaps hold very snugly which I appreciate since sometimes when I am pulling up other one-size diapers (such as BGs) in front, the snaps come undone and I have to start all over again. I don't have that problem at all with the Gro Baby!

Also, in case you haven't heard, Gro Baby is coming out with a bio-liner at the end of this month that sticks to the shell and can be flushed or thrown away (similar to gdiapers). This could be a nice option for travel. I have also considered using the bio-liners for R-Man at night since we are using gdiapers for him right now (although I am not sure if it will be more economical once I figure in shipping). The only downfall I can see with this dipe is that it runs pretty small. Lion Cub is only 10 weeks old and already on the largest setting, so it probably won't last much longer- bummer!

Have you tried a Gro-Baby yet? If so, I would love to hear what you think of it! If you haven't, then you are welcome to link up any other post about CDing you make on your blog this week- just make sure to include the Chic Cheeks button in your post and leave the direct link to your post!


momof3munchkins said...

I have a few GroBaby dipes and I really like them also! They fit my chunky 8 mo old well and I've also tried them on my 3 yr old nighttime wetter with the booster and it held up great, no leaks! The only thing I wish was different was that the soaker was wider in the front, a lot of the time the front is soaked and starts to leak if I let it go any longer, but the back is still dry.

Jackie at 3littleones said...

I am like you - I have been entering tons of grobaby contests, but havent won yet. I can't justify the $ yet, but the more I read good things about them, maybe I will break down and buy one soon!

I just did a post last night about my diaper sprayer that I was going to link up. I hope you don't mind :)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Oh my goodness he is getting so big and he is so cute!! I still haven't tried the grobaby yet, same reason $$. I keep entering hopefully I'll win soon. I am working on a CD post, I'll link up later today.

Gwenn S. said...

Awesome! I've been trying to win one too--no luck yet. Congrats on your win :))

StarFireEclipse said...

I've been using these diapers for about 4 months now. The shells elastic bands have given out on me twice. One in back and the other on his left leg. Also, the tabs are easily removed by my Son. Good thing about the shells, they don't leak and fit well. The insert and booster are just AMAZING! Just yesterday I had an insert last for seven hours and my son's bum was still dry! I even had to have my Husband touch the insert to see how dry it still was in the bum area. Only problem, they bunch up after so much use and leave sores on my Sons jewels.

The Natural Baby Company now has Gro baby shells with top snap closures instead of the hook and loop. The only problem is they are $3.50 each! They should be given out free to replace the ones with hook and loop used by parents who are frustrated with having to constantly reapplying the diaper. My Son has been taking off his diaper for months now and it's so frustrating to keep putting them back on because of the hook and loop. It maybe super sticky but my Son is strong enough to remove the fasteners. I bought the $375 package and I don't want to pay $42 and the shipping just to exchange the one's I have. I really need the snap fasteners but can't afford it! I think it just terrible for us who want to exchange for a price.