Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chic Cheeks- Least Favorite Dipe

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There are some diapers that just don't live up to their hype- and everyone has a different opinion of what they are. For us they were Happy Heinys. I had heard so many great things about these dipes, and they were in the first batch of dipes that I ever bought, but for us, they just didn't cut it. I found their cut to be unflattering and not particularly trim, and above all, they leaked... like mad! And I am not just talking a little bit through the leg holes, they leaked straight through the PUL! They also developed holes very quickly in the microfleece. So, yeah, that's what I have to say about that!

What is the least favorite dipe you have ever purchased? Post, Add the Chic Cheeks Button, & Link up! Can't wait to hear your warnings for my future purchases! Haha!


Petit Mouton on Etsy said...

That is very interesting... Never tried the sized ones, but HH are my favorite one size pocket.
I got them when my first was almost one. Mine stay nice wash after wash for almost 2 years now. I wonder if you had a bad batch.

They are also the only one-size that could truly fit my newborn. Even at 9lb, the other ones has a big gap at the leg no matter how I put them on.

I'll post my warnings as I can have pictures of my baby in the diapers I dislike.

Petit Mouton on Etsy said...

You're missing the MckLinky thingy.. but here's my post anyhow

Rachel said...

*sniff, sniff* There's no Mr. Linky :-(

I too will post my link in this comment, for now. When you add the Mr. Linky, I'll try to remember to add my link to it.

LannaM said...

Those are by far my biggest disappointment.
The suedecloth doesn't do much for that newborn breastfed poo (i.e. it doesn't grab it).
The nylon's waterproofness decreases after a few years of use.
The front closure tabs have needed replacing. Also replaced all the fold-back laundry tabs. Also replaced all the leg elastic. Also replaced all the back waist elastic.

I've spent *so* many hours sewing these things back together that I refuse to get rid of them until we're either done diapering or they finally disintegrate. More like a grudge kind of thing than me adoring them. It's kind of sad because they are pretty good at fitting a variety of shapes of kiddo, but that one redeeming quality doesn't make up for me poking my finger with a needle or safety pin so much.
Plus it bugs me that these diapers are touted as lasting from birth to potty-training... which, unless you potty train around 18mo, well, no. Something on them will fall apart before then, let alone lasting until a boy potty trains at almost 4yo or lasting for another kiddo or two. (Mine are over 3yo at this point - I have 8-9yo Fuzzi Bunz in better condition.)

Beyond that, my fav - that is like the Holy Grail of diapers - is Very Baby pocket diapers (all but one of the wahm's has closed doors I think! making finding them not so easy). The snap closure ones rock my world, and all sizes - the small, medium and medium long have fit *all* of my kids - really skinny, chunky-chunky and mid-size. That alone is pretty darned awesome. If only I could sew and/or had a snap press... I would be one happy girl to have another 3 dozen VB's (even if they're the new one-size pocket variation) in my stash before the next kiddo comes.

Gwenn S. said...

I'm glad I read this..I was trying to decide between a HH and a FB and I think I will go with later..thanks!