Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little poll- how do you wear your socks! Help me out here!

Alright- I don't usually do this, but I would love whatever input you guys could give me! 

Let me explain.  For the last 7 years my husband and I have been debating over whether socks are "footed."  He contends that socks retain the shape of whichever foot you wear them on, so you should continue to always wear them on the same foot.  I, on the other hand, just. put. them. on! 

Just after we were married I had folded his socks and he got all frustrated because I had apparently folded righties with righties and lefties with lefties. I believe my response was something along the lines of,

"Crazy say what?!  Well, I ain't foldin' yo' socks no mo', fool!!"

And I haven't ever since.

What?  We kind of live in the hood!  Sometimes it brings out the ghetto in me!

Anyhoo!  Over the years, this little debate of ours comes up over and over again and we spar over it (all in good fun, but both being very sure that we are right!).  Well, it came up again last night, so we decided to finally put the discussion to rest be conducting very scientific polls on FB and my blog!

So please weigh in- right over there on the left!  (If you are reading in a reader you will have to hop on over to my blog to cast your vote in the left sidebar)

Oh, and by the way- my husband vows that he is going to come out with The Uni-Foot Shoe sometime next year if we all say that socks don't have a foot!  I keep telling him it is totally different, but he is adamant!  (We're both pretty head strong- I guess that's why we work!)

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