Thursday, December 9, 2010

The plan. revised

Where the heck have I been?!  Well, first of all I have been working like a crazy person on Gabby Moms- the new blogging program I am heading up for TEACH Magazine!  On top of that, it is just a super busy time of year!  For instance- I am two days behind in my baking post for this week!  Ahhh!  I will definitely be getting that up TODAY (so sorry Marmee)!!

Tuesday was crazy busy- so much so that at this point I can't even remember what I was doing, I just know I was on my feet all day!  Then yesterday I was out of the house almost all day between MOPS, watching my friend Christa's kiddos while she and her husband went to see baby Ella in the hospital, Rhythm's hip-hop/breakdancing classes and having dinner at my grandma's!  Phew- I'm tired just typing all that!

So, I thought if I let all of you know what I have planned coming up here at The Mama Kenz Studio, hoping it will give me a little accountability!  Check it out (btw- it's been revised a bit!):
  • Baking post for Marmee's Bread Market- today
  • CSN $45 Giftcard Giveaway begins- Monday
  • Breastfeeding an 18 month old post- Monday
  • Easy Lunch Boxes Review and Giveaway- Tuesday Morning
  • Christmas Baking Post- Tuesday Evening
  • Christmas wishlist post- Wednesday
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Review and Giveaway- Thursday
  • New Years planning and talk of resolutions (printable included & ways for YOU to get involved!)- This weekend

And here is what I have planned for The World According to Them:
  • Preschool Corner- Christmas- Friday
  • Christmas gifts for the boys- Monday
  • Tiny Talk Tuesday- Tuesday (duh!)
  • He finally flushed something down the toilet!- Wednesday
  • Rhythm's Hip-Hop/Breakdancing Show- Thursday
  • Preschool Corner- More Christmas- Friday
  • Summer Catch-up post- Saturday

Ok- so that's a week out!  Hopefully I can stay on track and keep getting up early enough (and therefore going to bed early enough) to make it all happen!  I miss you guys and when my blogging goes on the back burner I realize just how meaningful it is to me!  Such an outlet that I need and miss!

Looking forward to being here more!

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