Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A logical look at Vampires and Werewolves

As a 17 year old freshman in college I stood up in front of my Public Speaking 101 class and delivered a persuasive speech on why you too should recognize the evils of Harry Potter.  So, suffice it to say, now being older and wiser, I am also not a fan of the Twilight craze that has surfaced a decade later. 

Beyond what I think of it spiritually however (which, I think, is fairly apparent), there have been a few things that have come to my attention or simply crossed my mind lately that I simply cannot ignore!

First of all, while perusing the latest status updates on Facebook the other day I noticed that someone had posted their results to an FB quiz that is supposed to determine what movie your life is most like.  Their answer...


Seriously?!  This is even an option?  I mean really?  Her life is most like... Twilight.  What, she has werewolves and vampires vying for her love in a small town in Northern Washington?

Huh.  That must be some kinda place.

And second, as long as we're really thinking about all of this, would you really want to be married to a vampire or werewolf?  I mean, can you even imagine nursing a baby vampire?!  Or werewolf for that matter!  I have a hard time with my 18 month old!  I can't fathom throwing fangs and the insatiable urge to suck blood into the mix!

I would have to argue that if all these vampire devotees really considered this important point they would hop on the first plain headed as far away from Transylvania that they could catch (or wherever the heck it is that Edward and Jacob dwell) and leave their vampire/werewolf fantasies in the dust!

Or is it just me?

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