Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday- Favorite Things!

This week for Friend Makin' Monday you are supposed to share 5-10 of your favorite things, and here are mine:

  1. My Bible- keeps me sane!
  2. My Computer- let's me accomplish my favorite hobby- blogging!
  3. My Bed- not so much because it is a great bed, but because it represents sleep!
  4. Snapple White Raspberry Tea- slightly sweet and oh so refreshing!!
  5. My stretchy blue Abercrombie sweats- just so comfy!
  6. Chewy Caramel Bars- I have an AMAZING recipe- sadly, Judah isn't reacting well to them so they are off limits for now- :-(
  7. Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!! Enough said (although it is also off limits right now)
  8. My Camera- it lets me capture all my family's priceless little moments!

So, what do you love?!


honeysuckle said...

Those chewy caramel bars sound so good right now! (I'm on a protein diet so most anything sounds good). Thanks for sharing and happy FMM!

Jolene said...

Love your list, please share your Chewy Caramel Bar recipe ;)