Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Was Here... Breastfeeding- in my Sleepy Wrap!

I Was Here Breastfeeding button

Well, this week I learned how to nurse while keeping Lion Cub in our Sleepy Wrap- how nice!

The pictures on the Sleepy Wrap site show keeping your babe upright while nursing, which I plan to work up to. However, simply sliding Lion Cub sideways into a cradle hold worked quite well also, especially since he is still so small. One of the really nice things about this nursing position was the support it gave my back and the release of weight on my arms- let's face it, we nursing mamas don't always have the best posture and arms support while feeding our babes, but this hold totally took care of that! I think I'm hooked!

The only thing that would make it nicer would be to have a shirt that opened from the top down (or an actual nursing shirt) so I didn't have to pull my shirt all the way up out of the wrap- at home it didn't matter but I probably would be less likely to use it like this in public.

We also had our first nursing outing this week when we went to dinner with my in-laws. I got to use the nursing cover I made for the first time and it worked quite well. I probably won't use it as much as Lion Cub gets older and I don't have to expose so much of my breast while nursing him, but for now it is definitely efficient!

So, where have you been nursing this week? Post about it, include the I Was Here... Breastfeeding button, and come back here and include the direct link to your post in the Mr. Linky! Can't wait to see! Get out there and breastfeed ladies- let's make it the norm!


{lauren} said...

The more I see and read about Sleepy Wraps, the more excited I get to receive mine! Even though Noah no longer nurses, and didn't for NEARLY as long as I hoped, I hope that I'll be able to use the Sleepy Wrap with any other children we have in the future. So whenever #2 comes along, I'll have to try this too!

Homemade Mom said...

I thought I would make a suggestion. I was given some belly bands for my pregnancy and I'm still using them because they are so useful for breastfeeding! When I'm out in public or I have guests over I can pull up my shirt to nurse and not have to bare my midsection. The belly band covers me up completely! Look them up on etsy or ebay. You will have to have some!