Friday, July 3, 2009

Where I Babywear- During Tot-School!

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I have been doing LOTS of babywearing this week as it would seem that Lion Cub doesn't want to stay asleep when I put him in the swing (as he was for a week or so), so most of the time I end up needing to wear him to keep him happy and sleeping! Here is a picture of one of the times my Sleepy Wrap came in very handy- Tot-School:
If it weren't for my Sleepy Wrap, Tot-School would not be happening right now- period! However, being able to put Lion Cub in the wrap (even while he is fussy) while I do projects with R-Man has been our savior and I feel like I much better mom because of it!

In other babywearing this week, we also took Lion Cub to the store for the first time this past week. Because of it's ease to put on, I used my ring sling on our outing, however, I must say that after wearing the wrap so much lately I was definitely missing the comfort of it compared to my sling! I will always adore my sling, but there is a definite difference!

So where have you been babywearing this past week? Post about it, include the Where I Babywear button then come on back here and add the direct link to your post in the Mr. Linky! I can't wait to see!


Carisa said...

SO cute!!!! I was told by my doc that I couldn't carry Ladybug as much as I wanted to (I have a condition that makes my joints weak, and I lost all muscle tone due to being so sick with my pregnancy). I was so sad.

But, I have tried our Hotsling again, after putting it away. She can now ride in the face out position and it is SO much more comfy and she is so cute that way looking all around.

I love seeing your pics of Lion Cub, his hair is awesome!!!!


Valerie said...

I just picked up a Peanut Shell sling, and I'm loving it! I have an Ergo that I plan to use when my little guy is a bit older, but this sling is fantastic for when they are so small! I hope to post about it soon, and maybe even join in the meme...... lol, we've taken lots of trips to the park and the store with it already!

:) Valerie

Valerie said...

Oh Yeah, I'm loving Lion Cub's hair too....fantastic!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

He is so cute!!! What a sweetie!! I wish Daniel would let me wear him more! Now that he is bigger he wants mobility!! :o)