Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Was Here... Breastfeeding! At the park!

I Was Here Breastfeeding button

Yesterday we took R-Man to the park to run through the water features and it was the perfect chance to get a little "nursing in the park" shot! Lion Cub LOVES being outside, and since we had had a rough morning, it was a great way to relax (even though it was CRAZY hot out!).

Post your nursing pics! Include the I Was Here... Breastfeeding button then head back here and post your direct link in the MckLinky! Get out there and feed your babies ladies- it is the only way to make nursing the American norm!


Cindy said...

When we had our 1st child we were 18 back in '92. I chose to breastfeed and am so happy that I did. Even then I knew it was the right thing to do. Since then I have successfully nursed our other two kiddos. All were nursed for about a yr. My husband has always been supportive and never once felt uncomfortable when I nursed while we were out. Even back when we were 18. He even used to encourage pregnant friends of ours to breastfeed. Funny. So glad you guys are doing great.

Dani V. said...

Thanks for going out there and breastfeeding. I still feel somewhat embarrassed when I need to feed my baby in public. The only reason I feel bad is I know many people think it's gross or something. I have breastfed in public quite a few times out of necessity. I hope more people will do it so that it doesn't have to always feel awkward.