Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Announcing my First Official Sponsor- Marmee's Bread Market!

I am thrilled and honored to introduce you to my first official sponsor- Martha Greene (or Marmee, as her patrons affectionately know her) of Marmee's Bread Market!  I am so excited to be embarking on this partnership with Marmee and am even more excited by what it is going to allow me to pass on to you, my lovely readers!  Over the next 6 months every Tuesday I will be posting reviews, how-tos, videos, recipes and LOTS of giveaways (including an awesome raffle for a Bosch Universal Mixer Plus coming in October- you won't want to miss this!)!!!  It is seriously going to be so much fun and I think we are all going to learn a ton!

So, for our first week I thought it would be nice for you all to get to know Marmee and her business a little bit better.  For starters, she hosts three wonderful websites that are just perfect for the homemaker in all of us:

Where she sells pretty much everything you could ever need to make your own, fresh bread easily and realistically!

Where she offers monthly lessons to help you become the best homemaker you can be!

Where she offers a wide variety of items that she has used in her own home and has found to be either useful, delightful or both!

You can read a cute little story about Marmee, her family and how her business developed, on her About Us Page at Marmee's Bread Market.  It is sweet and fun- definitely worth the read!

To round out this intro I thought it would also be fun to include a little interview I had with Marmee-

So Marmee, how did it all begin?  What inspired you to start passing on your homemaking knowledge and offering products to other homemakers?
I've always loved to share....I think it is a gift that I have been given and it just thrills and delights me to share things that help and inspire me with others.  I also hold a firm conviction that the role of woman is to be in the home but definitely
not sitting around eating bon-bons - I love to work at home! Since my early years of marriage I have thot up ways to supplement the family piggy bank by using my talents from home.  So the love of sharing what I love and use in my home was a natural fit
for me to have a shoppe where I could promote and encourage homemaking and offer quality products that I already use and love in my home.

What is your favorite thing to bake?
Homemade breads and of course the favorite of favorites....cinnamon buns!

What is your number one tip to mothers of young children and/or homemakers?
Life is in seasons and if you are in a hard season right now - this too shall pass!  I'm always thankful for a new day where we can start fresh! 

Did you grow up being taught homemaking skills or did you learn them after you got married?
This could be a very very long answer so I am not sure how to make it short....I was born in East Pakistan as my parents were pioneer missionaries to that 3rd world country. I spent the majority of my life there until I was 14. My mother was a marvelous homemaker but due to the situation in that country I grew up with full time servants that did everything for us including mopping the floors, serving us our meals, doing the dishes, laundry and all the household duties.  So my first experience in really learning to keep "my place" tidy was in the dormitory for boarding school (age 14) as we had room check daily and got demerits for anything out of place.  The Lord just gave me a great desire for home, a husband and turned my heart towards those things in my highschool years. I took every single home ec, sewing, foods and nutrition class offered as electives.  I was married right after high school at the age of 18 and then the journey began - me in my own home - and wow have I learned each step of the way.  I think that is part of the reason I have such a passion for teaching my girls everything they need to be the keepers of their own homes and love to share it with younger women who are a few steps behind me in their journeys.

And just for fun, what is your favorite past-time?
I love love love to sew.  I love to garden. I love to decorate and make a blank room full of love and beautify it with well loved things. I love graphic design / layout and to create publications and have self published 9 titles so far.  I love to spend time with my family and children and grandchildren.  I guess I just wish we had more time in every day! 
I feel so blessed to have health, family, the Lord as the King of my life, and a wonderful husband to guide me and love me.  So I guess my favorite past time would be living life.  I want to be an old lady with NO regrets.
What a cool lady with a crazy life, huh?  I sincerely hope that you all will enjoy getting to know her and her businesses as much as I know I will over the following months!  Just to make sure you don't miss out on any of the action, make sure you follow or subscribe to my blog (over there on the right sidebar) and you can also look for lots of updates on twitter and Facebook!  Hey- and while you're at it, why don't you buzz on over and give Marmee's Bread Market a little visit?  I would love to hear what you all think!