Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're back to school!

I say we are "back" but it really feels like a first in so many ways!  This is the year that I am really starting to take our schooling seriously.  Not so much for Rhythm, but more for myself!  This year is about learning but even more so it is about getting into a new routine that includes more structure and consistent set-aside school time.  I feel like I am in that transition from being a mom with young kiddos who could pretty much do whatever whenever, to becoming a mom with a homeschooler who will require goals and a routine.  It is a definite shift in our family but one that I have been looking forward to- a chapter that I am ready to open, and work hard on.

To be perfectly honest, this first week was really hard!  Much harder than I anticipated!  Monday was darn near enough for me to put Rhythm in preschool and Lion Cub in full time daycare!  However, I took a step back, gathered my senses and gave Tuesday a second chance. It did work out better but we are definitely still adjusting!  You can read more about how it went on the boy's blog, The World According to Them.

Hop on over to The World According to Them to also hear more about everything I have planned, what our school room looks like and even take a peek at our Back to Homeschool pics!

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