Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"The Voice" Review

To be totally honest, I really wanted to like this rendition of the New Testament.  As a creative person by nature, the idea of a translation of the Bible that was written in a way that would recapture the individuality of each author, was very appealing to me.  The fact that this translation was written in screenplay format also sparked a note of interest.  For a variety of reasons I do like this translation and appreciate what it is trying to accomplish (ie- being a more accessible and understandable option for new believers or non-Christians).

However, the number of liberties that this translation takes does give me some reservation in recommending it, and in many ways I prefer to call it an interpretation (more like The Message) then a translation.  For instance, to help clarify passages and bring people back to the context that believers of the original time would have had, the writers have added what would essentially be footnote statements directly into the text.  While all of these additions are clearly marked with italics, and in many cases do shed more light on the verse, I fear that many people would pick up this Bible, not read the purpose of these italics in the Preface and accept them completely as scripture- such as new believers or non-believers who are not familiar with the Bible.  Of course, new and non-believers are two of the main audiences this Bible is targeted for, so this does give rise to concern for me.

All in all, I think I would have to label this Bible as a helpful tool, but nothing more.  While I enjoy it's perspective and it's efforts to bring clarity and the original voices back to the text, I just could not rely on it as a translation all on its own, or feel comfortable recommending it to anyone I wasn't sure of being well seasoned in their Biblical knowledge.  It's a lovely read and a good companion text, just make sure you always compare it back to a more true translation so as to not become confused or swayed.

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This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for honest review in their Book Sneeze Program.

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