Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- August 16th-22nd

Well, I had been hoping to have our menu planned through October by now, and while I am not quite there yet I did at least finish through the end of this month!  Horrah!  Needless to say, I have decided to work A LOT of baking into my plan since I have my fun new BOSCH Universal Mixer from Marmee's Bread Market (my wonderful sponsor!), which truly does make baking home-baked goods simple and easy (I SWEAR!)!  For now, I will go ahead and just give you the breakdown for this week's menu though:


Baked Peanut Butter Oatmeal (lo)
Best-Ever Banana Bread & hard-boiled eggs
Best-Ever Banana Bread & hard-boiled eggs
Cereal & hard-boiled eggs
Biscuits w/ scrambled eggs
Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

MTM- yogurt, carrots, bread, cheese, olives
Egg Salad Sandwiches & Carrots
PB&J Waffle Sandwiches
Rib Quesadillas w/ carrots & cherries
Lunch at Nana’s
Friend’s Birthday Party
Loaded Nachos

Leftover Pizza
Ribs w/ mashed potatoes & corn
White Chicken Chili
White chicken chili left-overs
Salmon Cakes, Broccoli & Salad
Salmon burgers Broccoli & salad (Left-overs)

Ants on a log/ Dried fruit
Yogurt/ Dried Fruit
Ant on a Log/Fruit leather
Dried Fruit/ Yogurt
Snacks at Nana’s
Ants on a log
Peanut Butter toast

Oh, and here is a little tip for you!  When making your menu plan and shopping lists, take the time to also make a list of all the things you need to prep-ahead so that you can save yourself some work!  I use one of those magnetic planner notepads from the $1 section at Michaels that has lists for each day of the week- that way I can keep it right on the fridge and be reminded of what I need to do to stay ahead of the game.  For instance, I write down for each day how I can prep breakfast, lunch, snacks and even a few dinner components the night before while I am making dinner so that I am always a day ahead and never have that "rushed" or "behind" feeling.  Here is what my prep schedule looks like for this week, just to give you a better idea:

Take Ribs out of Freezer for Wednesday
Boil Eggs
Make Egg Salad for tomorrow's lunch

Make Banana Bread Batter for tomorrow's breakfast
Make PB&J sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch
Put rub on ribs for tomorrow's dinner
Make Ants on a log for tomorrow's snack

Prep Rib Quesadilla's for tomorrow's lunch
Go Grocery Shopping

No Prep Ahead (mostly leftovers)

No Prep Ahead (mostly leftovers)

Prep Overnight Cinnamon Buns & Frosting for brunch tomorrow
Grate Cheddar and swiss cheese

Make Frittata for tomorrow's breakfast
Make English Muffins

You can find more great meal ideas over at Meal Planning Monday being hosted by!

Be sure to visit my sponsor- Marmee's Bread Market- for recipes and everything else you need to easily make fresh baked goods for your family!