Monday, August 2, 2010

Trial Week- for REAL!

Alright, so, last week's efforts to have a little trial run on our new routine ended up being completely thwarted by my ridiculous sickness.  While I am still not 100% (say maybe 85%?  Still coughing and dealing with ever-shifting ribs) but am feeling up for a second try at our trial run!

In all honesty, I knew that taking this trial run on our routine for a couple of weeks before our actual school year begins (on August 16) would be helpful, but I didn't realize that it would be vital until actually trying it today!  This new routine thing has a lot more adapting and learning involved than I had expected- and not just for me but the kiddos too!  I decided to implement Rhythm's new chores today (and let's be honest- get a little more consistent with the old ones!) and his new chore system (which will be detailed in a future post  on our family & homeschooling blog).  He eventually did complete all of them, but it took a lot of reminding, explaining and instruction.

Man oh man, am I ever glad that I did it today and NOT on our first morning of school!!  We have two whole weeks for him to get used to what his morning is supposed to run like and what is expected of him, before we get down and dirty with our curriculum!  I had toyed with the idea of starting our school year earlier (mostly from just being anxious!), even in just small amounts, but now I am really glad that we have two weeks left to get everything completely organized, our new routine in motion (which I will be posting on after we actually try it and make any necessary tweaks), and both of us sufficiently pumped up for school!

So all in all, from the outside, it would probably look like Day #1 of Trial Run week is shaping up as a fail, I am quite pleased with our progress!  I did manage to get out of bed by 7:15 (aiming for 6:45 tomorrow!), Rhythm did complete all his chores, I did complete dinner preparations by 1:30pm (crockpot and side salad), I did do a load of laundry, and I did get one out of two bathrooms cleaned!  OH- AND- I'm getting in a blog post!!!  While it isn't everything on my list, it is a far cry from nothing!  Tomorrow can only get better, right?!

Oh, and I did consider posting our menu for this week, but taking into account that pretty much everything in our lives that I had planned for last week got shifted to this week, there really isn't anything different to post!  I will, however, be getting around to posting those recipes I promised (and hopefully our monthly meal plan by the end of the week)!

And with that, I'll leave you with some recent cuteness!