Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trunks from Farm Chicks!

Alright- I KNOW!  This is a couple of months late!  But I never was able to get around to showing you all the rest of the wonderful things I discovered at Farm Chicks, so I thought I could sneak a couple posts of loveliness in this weekend!  So here ya go!

So many cool trunks were for sale at Farm Chicks and some of them were for truly amazing prices!  In addition, an inordinate number of them were pink!  I fell in love, and desperately wanted one, but simply couldn't fork out the cash this year.  Maybe next year?

This one was actually originally tipped up on its side and used as a medicine cabinet in World War II.  Sometime later it was painted pink and has since been worn to perfection!  Happy Endings was the vendor with this trunk and she had lots of other cool pieces as well!

Not so much a trunk as an old suitcase, but I still dug it!

Be still my heart!  I thought this one could have made a really cool coffee table.  Hmmm.... looks like I need to start stashing money in an envelope for next year!