Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just plain cool decor stuff from Farm Chicks!

To wrap up my Farm Chicks hysteria I thought I would just go ahead and feature the plethora of fabulous general decor items I found (and, once again, wanted!).

Wanderlux was the vendor that I bought my vintage plate set from and they had the coolest, most colorful pieces!  I loved these embroidery hoops and flowers (surprise, surprise!)...

and bowls (I REALLY should have bought these!)...

Don't you LOVE this bird fabric?!

There were washtubs EVERYWHERE, but I had a particular affection for this blue one...

And I loved this upcycled, chalkboard cupboard door!

This corkboard captured my heart!  I adored the fabric and hope to do something similar to a corkboard for our schoolroom soon!

Just a blue ladder... but I love it!

mmmmm... vintage fans!

Oh the things I could do with this!

Just pretty.  I have thing for vintage bottles.

I took dozen of other pictures but these were the things that, looking back two months later, really caught my eye!  I hope to start making our house feel more like who I am now (oh, and my family are!).  Actually, scratch that, I hope that we will be moving in the next year or so and I can decorate that house to feel more like us!